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   Videos of the different models in action are available on the individual product pages beneath the product description.

   There are many videos available on YouTube and other hosted sites on the Internet. We have our own YouTube channel up & running which has informative how-to's and our favorite videos as well. If you have a video or picture you'd like to share with us, please send a copy or link to info@bazookagoldtrap.com

 This is just the start of our new Media section, more videos, pictures, and articles will be added soon. Please visit us on YouTube until we've had a chance to upload more videos to our website.

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Be sure to visit the largest forums on the internet for gold prospecting, metal detecting, and everything treasure related. If you are looking for information regarding our sluices, we recommend chacking out the Gold Prospecting & Sluicing forums.. Your sure to find lots there. We also have our own Bazooka Gold Trap Forum there, but it is relatively new so check back soon.

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GoldProspectorsSpace.com - The Social Network for Gold Prospectors & Treasure Hunters

Radio Interview - May 1st, 2014 |  Listen Here

Prospecting Australia

 Guldforum - Sweden




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