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About Bazooka Gold Company

  We at the Bazooka Gold Company are idealists. We believe in providing our customers the most versatile sluice available, and the feedback we've received is proof we're on the right track.

  We're a small shop operating at the heart of the Mother Lode in California where we handcraft each Bazooka Gold Trap sluice box with care.. No automated assemblies or outsourced manufacturing.

  At the center of our operation is Todd Osborne, a 3rd generation miner & avid outdoorsman. He's the one responsible for the redesign of the original Schmidt Gold Trap Black Magic Sluice Box with its patented Gold Trap fluid bed.

  Todd procured the original Schmidt designs and patents directly from Howard Schmidt in 2003 and brought everything back to California's Gold Country from Florida. Using Howards' original servicemark "Bazooka" from his line of submersible dredges, The Bazooka Gold Company was formed.

  After the sluice redesign was complete and taking the time to set up manufacturing (aside from running a full-time arborist company & going to Alaska for seasonal fishing and mining), the Bazooka Gold Company officialy opened it's doors in 2008.

  We at the Bazooka Gold Company do what we enjoy, and we love hearing from our customers the world over about their successes with our products.

   Our Mission is to educate and assist serious gold miners, hobbyists, and dredge enthusiasts about traditional gold recovery and how our innovative and highly effective sluice boxes can not only increase your take but also decrease your effort.

  We stand behind our products and let the results speak for themselves. Bazooka Gold Company is always glad to answer any questions you may have.

Some History of the Bazooka Gold Traps
The Original Schmidt "Bazooka" Gold Trap submersible dredge
Field Test in GPAA's Gold Prospector Magazine...
          Featured on the cover of Lost Treasure Magazine...
                      Used on Bob Denver's Treasure Search TV series...

TOP - 6" model, MIDDLE - 5" model, BOTTOM - 4" model

  The SCHMIDT-GOLD TRAP, invented by Howard Schmidt, is the best thing that ever happened to recreational gold mining, unlike anything else on the market today. Nicknamed the "Bazooka", the SCHMIDT-GOLD TRAP is the first major innovation in gold mining since the old conventional dredge was first introduced. Miners now using the Bazooka say it is the ultimate gold dredge!

  It's lightweight, under 20 lbs. and less than 5 feet in length. It moves more material than a conventional dredge and catches more gold. It's streamlined and easy to handle even in those remote areas never dredged before.

  There's no bulky sluice, carpets, suction hose or pontoons. Clogs are not a problem, if it should clog, just shake the "Bazooka" and it's gone. Clean-out is a breeze, just remove the skid plate, put your motor on idle and drop your concentrates into your gold pan! The Schmidt dredge catches more fine gold, and won't overload, it's self cleaning trap means you can dredge all day without a clean-out (just remember to maintain the recommended operating pressure).

  In field tests both men and women used the SCHMIDT-GOLD TRAP and had excellent results. Fine gold as well as nuggets were recovered. The "Bazooka", as we like to call it, can be used in very shallow water with almost no effort. or, it can be used as deep as you would like to go with some adjustments to horsepower on your pump and motor and by adding length to your hoses.

  Your pump and motor can also be adapted to support "air" for deep water diving. They will help set up your configuration to fit your needs. If you're in an area where you need to get your tailings further away, or you need to dredge straight down, the "Bazooka" can be suspended under flotation and a suction hose can be added.

~P.G. 1998

Lost Treasure Magazine - Feb. 1994  The Schmidt Gold Trap, A Revolutionary New Dredge

The Original Schmidt Gold Trap "Black Magic" Super Sluice

Its time to take along a little...
             ...on your next prospecting trip!

  Schmidt Enterprises is very pleased to be able to offer you this extraordinary new mining product whichhas been designed to bring you more gold... faster & easier than ever!

The Inventor, Howard Schmidt, has gone and done it Again!

  This brilliantly designed sluice box is lightweight, with uni-body construction of black ABS, it has no mat and no riffles.. and no assembly required! What it does have will truly impress you if what you want is all the gold!

  The Black Magic Super-Sluice has a built-in patented gold trap collection chamber, a water scoop, and a grizzly! Just wait until you try it!

  You Do Not Classify! You simply shovel from a streambed, bucket, or gold site - directly into the sluice box!

  The patented technology that is used in all of the SCHMIDT-GOLD TRAP line of products allows you to trap and keep even the finest gold (along with flakes & nuggets of course!). The Black Magic Super-Sluice has 3 inlet tubes from the water scoop into the Gold Trap.Thereare a number of smaller holes in this tubing (inside the chamber) which keeps the lighter material loose, and this allows the gold to settle to the bottom of the Gold Trap due to it's high specific gravity. And there it stays, until you remove it!

  The Black Magic Super-Sluice is also self-cleaning (just like all the SCHMIDT-GOLD TRAP line of dredges), and final clean-out of your concentrates is a snap!



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